Prime Music vs. Pandora vs. Spotify

Amazon Prime Music vs. Pandora vs. Spotify vs. Slacker Radio

Alright, so the days of tuning your over-the-air radio to your radio station of choice are fast becoming a memory. Thanks to technology, we now live in the future where music is streamed through our TVs and phones, and TINY little bluetooth speakers.

For most of us, streaming music is streaming music—whether it comes from Apple, Pandora, Spotify or any number of other services—but which service actually gives you the most bang for your buck? I compared Amazon Prime Music to Pandora, Spotify, and Slacker Radio to see who provides the best service, sound, and selection for the best price.

Amazon Prime vs. Netflix vs. Hulu

Amazon Prime vs. Netflix vs. Hulu

I know a lot of people are scaling their cable packages back or cutting them altogether in favor of streaming services like Amazon Prime, Netflix, and Hulu. But how do you know which service is the best to get? They all have award winning exclusive & original shows, and for the most part, they're all around the same monthly cost.

9 Benefits to Amazon Prime Beyond 2-Day Shipping

Amazon Prime is so much more than free 2-day shipping. If you thought it wasn't worth it before, you may want to take another look at all of the money saving options available.

I wasn't always a fan of Amazon Prime. When it was first introduced I didn't see the benefit to paying $99 a year for free shipping, especially since I didn't think I spent that much in shipping costs. Since it's incarnation, though, Amazon Prime has expanded it's offerings to include a lot more than just free expedited shipping.

10 Things We Did to Save Money Last Month

All of the things we did to save money last month aren't amazing epiphanies. (Well, most aren't.) They're the same things that make everyone's top 10 list. These money saving ideas just happen to be what worked for us last month. Some things are simple to execute, others are definitely more challenging. What we found is, if you put in even the slightest bit of extra effort, you'll start to see some savings.

What We Did to Save Money This Month: April

[This month's savings: $657]

Thankfully, we made it through tax season. Usually, this time of year, I haul out the TurboTax and every receipt I can find, along with the calculator and a perpetual pot of coffee. Last year, after going over all of our numbers, our business expenses, the quarterly taxes paid, and our plethora of donations and write offs—we still owed the government $3,000 and change. The previous year, we owed half that & our income hadn't increased (it actually decreased). Everyone I talked to said that something was off.

Turned out it was the new tax laws and the Turbo Tax software (and the fact that I'm not a CPA).

Getting the most out of ibotta

When I started reading other people's blogs about money saving tips, the ibotta app was forever being mentioned. It felt like people were raising it up like Rafiki raised up Simba at the beginning of the Lion King. I expected angelic lights and choruses when I signed up (which didn't happen, by the way).

For those not familiar, ibotta is a rebate app that let's you submit receipts in exchange for product rebates—usually in the range of 25¢ to 75¢. In reading about it, it sounded easy enough, and low, what's this? I could get a $10 bonus just for signing up? Free money? Heck Yeah! sign me up! (I know, not nearly as cool as the Lion King or a chorus of angels).

Budget Experiment #3: Energy Audit

In looking over my utility bills this month, I noticed that my gas bill, which is usually fairly low, was almost twice as much as usual. After calling to make sure there wasn't an issue with my meter, I began to take a look at our usage.

My Current Favorite Sandwich Bread Recipe

I've been experimenting with different recipes for sandwich bread. I'd been using an "Amish Sandwich Loaf" recipe, but it called for 3/4 cup sugar (for two loaves). It was good, but a little on the sweet side. I tried reducing the sugar and while the bread was less sweet, it was also more dense (because the yeast didn't have the sugar to react with & create those lovely CO2 bubbles).

So I started my search for better sandwich bread recipes.

7. Consider Ditching the Paper Products

It's an easy and fairly painless leap from paper to cloth napkins. A switch that could save you a few bucks a year, but what about the "other" paper products in your life? You know, the one's you're not so keen to give up?

I'm not talking toilet paper here (although you can certainly go that route), but what about paper towels, diapers (for you parents out there), and even pads (for you menstruating women out there)? These may not be the easiest things to give up, but there are other, more cost-effective options, if you're interested.