10 Things We Do to Consistently Save Money

By now you've seen every blog post there is about how to save money. Like me, you've probably even cycled through the same money saving sites more than a few times. And, like me, the money saving habits you initially adopted are so second hat by now that you've probably forgotten that they're still saving you money.

At this point in my frugalness, I need to be reminded of those things. I need to be reminded that, even though I'm trying to save more money than I did last month, I'm still saving more money than I was last year.

The Headache of Fixing Our Leaky Shower Pan Ourselves (with Pictures)

For the past year I've known that our shower pan was leaking. We have a one-story house with a crawl space. And had that crawl space not had plastic lining laid, I may've never known—at least, not until the floor caved in, or we tried to sell the house.

Laundry Room Re-do on a Budget

You'd think after the disastrous shower pan re-do that we would never tackle another home remodel project again. That's what you'd think. (That's what I thought).... Silly rabbit.

Turns out that, after the bathroom re-do, both the kitchen and laundry room were a mess. Awash, if you will, with all of my tools and detritus from the shower pan project.

Thinking that the laundry room would be a nice, easy, contained space to revamp. I set my sights on it. I mean the room is only 81 inches square— bigger than the shower enclosure, but I wouldn't be tearing up the floor (or tiling) this time, so... easy peasy! (right?)

Two Major Financial Set Backs

This summer has been rough on us financially. First, we realized we could no longer put off repairing the leaky shower pan, so endeavored to take on the work ourselves. Then we had a pet emergency that blew most of our emergency savings.

The Best Ways to Save Money on Groceries

I'm seeing a lot of articles lately on "the 15 best tricks..." / "20 secret hacks..." / "10 killer ways to save money on groceries" / etc. And honestly they're all saying the same thing:

  1. Use Ibotta or other rebate apps (yeah, they're cool, but not a magic bullet of savings)
  2. Make a list & don't stray from it
  3. Buy "loss leaders" (the really good deals on the front page of the grocery circular)
  4. Use coupons
  5. Buy on Sale
  6. Yadda' yadda' yadda'
None of it is new, and there's no magic bullet of savings. You still have to do the work.

There are TONS of Plants That Will Grow In the Shade

I have this keen desire to turn my entire yard into a garden. Mostly because I hate mowing the grass, and my back yard has this killer slope—and while, at one point, fairly early on, I thought to myself, "this will be good, I'll be so buff from mowing my lawn every week..." that really lost footing after the first attempt at pushing the mower uphill. Instead, it became infested with invasive weeds and wildlife. To the point that I'm a little scared to go back there now.

A Little Rain Barrel DIY

As you might recall, last fall friends helped us put up a cute little greenhouse with cute little gutters and cute little down-spouts... and ever since then I've wanted to complete the picture with cute little rain barrels. But there were a couple of issues: 1. Rain barrels can be a bit expensive and B. there really weren't any smaller-sized rain barrels made for snap-together greenhouse gutters.

Replacing Disposable Items With Reusable to Save Money

It's no secret that I like lists. Lists are my wheelhouse. So when I'm trying to figure out how to save money on stuff that makes its way into our daily lives... I make a list.

I already know that after housing (& utility) expenses, my next biggest monthly expenditure is on consumables—primarily groceries—but there's the other side of that consumable coin: the non-food disposables. The things we use up and buy over and over. So I had to ask myself, are there ways to save money on that stuff, or things we can change so we don't have to buy the stuff at all?

I Don't Do Manicures

I Really Don't Do Manicures

I love it when penny-pinching bloggers post lists of the stuff they no longer spend money on—mostly because it reminds me that there are a PLETHORA of ways to save money for almost every lifestyle out there. That and I get the occasional chortle from some of the more ridiculous things people "give up."